Counselor         Bobby Kizer, Ph.D. Psychotherapist
Licensed Psychologist Serving Inland Washington
4219 E Prairie Lane Ct
Spokane, WA 99223


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Accepting Premera and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
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Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling and Assessments

I am currently in the process of moving to Spokane and am now accepting new psychotherapy clients by videoconference.  I am seeing new clients immediately via videoconference, and also scheduling new in-person clients beginning in June. I have expertise working with a variety of concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, substance use, loss, phase of life changes, and personality disorders.  I also specialize in affirmative therapy for sexual orientation, gender and transgender identity, and multicultural issues. 

I believe that long-term psychological and relationship healing can happen through the process of empathic and supportive counseling.  I seek to understand the worldview of my clients and work within their perspective.  For more about my style of therapy, please visit my "Therapy Services" page. 

Transgender Services

I have a lot of experience working with many people who fall under the broad transgender umbrella.  Transgender rights, access to good medical treatment, mental health care, and social justice are particular passions of mine.  If you are transgender, agender, or non-binary and need therapy and/or an evaluation for hormones or surgery, please follow this link for more information about how I can help: Transgender Services 

Psychological Testing for Academic Issues and Disability Status

I conduct academic and psychological testing for intellectual disability, ADD / ADHD, dyslexia, other learning/developmental disorders, and gifted / talented.  This testing is common in social security disability evaluations and is also part of obtaining academic accommodations in schools, universities, and standardized testing.  For further information about psychological testing, please follow this link: Psychological Testing. Note that I am not able to conduct full testing until I have completed my relocation.  If you are able to wait until the summer, perhaps in preparation for the next school year (Fall, 2018), please feel free to contact me and we can schedule a testing date in June or July. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a great way to work through your challenges and build relationships.  Whether its depression, anxiety, substance use, relationship problems, shyness, trauma, coming out, or some other struggle, group therapy can be a great help. The purpose of this type of group therapy (Process therapy) primarily centers around helping people connect with one another, communicate/express their emotions openly, and find meaning in their lives by becoming meaningful in the group.  Please contact me if you are interesting in beginning group therapy in the summer/fall of 2018.  Group therapy is open to nearly anyone from every walk of life and from any culture, race, age, and religion.  Especially welcome to all sexual orientations and gender identities.

For more information about group therapy, please click here: Group Therapy _____________________________________________________________________________________

Please call or email to schedule an appointment for therapy or testing.

Treatment Approach:
Holistic Cognitive/Behavioral/Emotional/Family/Spiritual
Existential Therapy
Exposure and Response Prevention

Private Pay (out-of-pocket)-
        $150 per 55 minute session
        $50 per week (group therapy)

Insurance (in-network)- I am in-network with Premera and any Blue Cross Blue Shield plans that are either federal plans or "PPO".  PPO plans will have this picture on the card somewhere .  Patients are responsible for their co-pay at the time of the session. 

Insurance (out-of-network)- Some insurances will partially cover my services as an "out-of-network provider."  Check with your insurance company for coverage details.  In these cases, I will provide receipts for you to file with your insurance company for you to get reimbursed after paying the full fee at the time of the session. 

Sliding Scale- I sometimes reduce my regular fee on a case by case basis for individuals/couples with particular financial limitations.  Please contact me if you feel like we would be a good fit but feel that you cannot afford my regular fee. 
PhD in Counseling Psychology
MA in Counseling and Guidance
Years in practice: 8 years
School: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Washington State Licensed Psychologist


Mood Disorders: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
Gender and Transgender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Cultural Diversity issues
Relationship Concerns

Academic Issues
Attention Deficit/ADHD
Career and Professional Issues
Death Anxiety
Domestic Abuse
Eating Disorders
Family Conflict
Gender Transition
Identity Development
Infertility and Pregnancy
Life Transitions
Loss or Grief
Marital and Premarital Counseling
OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
Personality Disorders
PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Relationship Issues
Religious Issues
Self Esteem
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Concerns
Sexual Orientation (LGBTQI & Heterosexual)
Sleep difficulties
Substance Abuse
Testing and Evaluation
And much more...

Pre-teens and Adolescents (11-17)
Adults of all ages (18+)